CWOP Search Tool

This tool will allow you to search the CWOP members list and other similar files to find information based on callsign, NWS ID,owner name or location. If a match is found with keywords you enter below, information related to the first match to those keywords will be returned. You can then click on "Near Stns" to find other stations in the region.

The search covers registered, unregistered and inactive CWOP stations. It returns site information as well as links to other relevent databases. It shows the last packet received from that station in each of the past 10 days as well as the number of packets in the last hour of each day and the total number of packets received.

Enter one of these: ham callsign, APxxx, ARxxx, ASxxx, ATxxx, AUxxx, CWxxxx, DWxxxx, EWxxxx, FWxxxx, Cxxxx, Dxxxx, Exxxx or Fxxxx where the x are numbers 0-9. You can also search on owner names or location. To search for a town and state (or province), enter town followed by comma and space (both needed) and two letter state ID, i.e. if you enter "Boulder, CO", you will see information for a station located near that town. You can enter state or country names or two letter state ID to see a list of stations in that state, otherwise the item entered must be at least 4 characters long. By preceeding a two letter country internet ID by comma and space, you can search for a station in that country. For example, ", AF" shows a CWOP station in Afghanistan. If the internet ID matches a US state ID, then put another comma and blank. For example ", , MA" returns a station in Morocco. CWOP has members in about 150 countries.